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Quote originally posted by forestw785:
I'm guessing you didn't route your cmd prompt to the folder with your ASM stuff.

If it's on your desktop, then how you route command prompt there would be:
xp: cd \Documents and Settings\(username for your computer)\Desktop\ASM
7/Vista: cd \Users\(username for your computer)\Desktop\ASM

And press enter, and then the command prompt is rerouted to your ASM folder.

My problems:
I follow your tutorial, and I get everything to work in the first two lessons with no problems, but even with your "explanations" I don't understand what these codes are actually doing. I'm basically just telling the ROM to behave a certain way without knowing how I'm making it behave that way.
  • What is a callasm?
  • What is buffernumber 0x0 lastresult

There are others too, and you even define them. An example of that would be:
.align 2-This aligns the ASM by a multiple of 2, since each instruction is 2 bytes long. (aligning the ASM does what exactly?, and a multiple of two what?)
push {r0-r1,lr}- This pushes registers r0, r1, and the link register into the stack. (what is {r0-r1,lr}? what is r0, r1, and lr?}

Look at it from someone else's perspective:
Gita monooto hon : These are words in another language, and they deal with sound.
Not specific enough, and provide no real understanding of the material, right?
I followed that step exactly and it tells me that "C:\Users\(name)\Desktop\ASM" is not a recognized command!
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