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It's really not a good idea to ask for original characters from other people. Since they aren't your own creation, nor have you seen them before, you won't be able to write them as well as canon characters or characters that you've created yourself. There's also the problems that have been displayed in this thread already: You don't know everything about the character. It'll be better if you did.

And only you know how the character will need to fit in the story. So what if the character you have left to use in this list is completely wrong for the part of the story they're needed in? If you create your own, you'd be able to change things around with the character because it's your own idea, not someone else's.

So I'm going to close this with the advice that you work on creating your own characters. If you want to see how things work with characters created by other people interacting together, the Roleplay forum would be the best place to look. But here, it's kind of frowned down upon to ask for OCs.