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Hi there! A few months ago I've played Pokemon hg, I've played in desmume (nice emu), and it went good, a few errors, like freeze, stuck, characters disapered etc. but in the end, after i defeated the elite four and the champ, i don't went to the other region, and the game stopped so i don't finished it.

I'll ask you to give me your opinion, tell me your errors and advise me.

tell me your emu please.

this time i would like to play ss, I would like too to play it 100% english (i'm no good at Japanese ).

send me an email: [email protected].

If there is some patch to fix this problem tell me XD. I would like to play on desmume, (unless it worked for you another, but the save state is very useful...)

(I know there are lots of topics about this issue, but most part are fake... help me please! I love pokemon)