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Quote originally posted by Quilava's Master:
This hack looks sweet. The sprites are awesome though I'm not too much of a fan of the hero backsprite (the color look soff to me) good luck on this and I hope to see some more screenshots
Actually I decided that I don't like HGSS hero, so I changed it to Silver "rival" (that may cause plot's updates as well..)

Quote originally posted by matt steel:
Havnt played a GB hack in a while il look forward to it xD
Also how long do you plan on making it (Storyline wise) as i like long games
The story is going to be not too wry and not too linear, since I don't want to be bored, neither I want to be annoyed with a "billion-times-branched" plot, while I'm playing it; although, there are going to be sub-features, commonly called "sub-mission", that will add something to the game enjoyment.
I'm not anticipating anything, except this example: the events, where people used to trade pokemon with you during the game, will be rewritten for suiting different needs (pretty cryptic, isn't it?).

As for the hack progress, I have to say that I'm a little stuck with a script I am building, so progress is pretty low, but on the go.

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