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Small update, corrected player's OW:

Quote originally posted by Destiny Demon:
A Blue hack... You don't see these very often... Let's review it then. :D

Your first hack is a Blue hack? That's the first I heard of it. xDD Joking, but good luck on that. So this region is heavily forested... Maybe the reason it's called Pokemon Wood...? And so at the end of the story, you want to avenge your parents... Sounds like you're an evil person then. XD
Well, he's Silver, after all.

I like your set of features. Especially when you included sprites from newer generations. And the ASM the hack will have. And your screenshots look pretty decent, don't seem to see anything wrong with them.

Good luck on this GB hack. It seems to look really good, and I hope you keep up with it~ n___n
Thanks. Next update's screens will probably bring edited tilesets (from GSC).

Quote originally posted by アルセウス:
I love GB/GBC hack! especially the one that have pokemon from other generation, anyway what's the mascot pokemon?
Leafeon's going to be the mascot. Although I'm not planning to put it as starter (as 1st-gen tradition would suggest)

Quote originally posted by miksy91:
I like the way you decided to put Silver as the hero but there is a minor problem though; in the title screen, Silver is a guy but then again, when you battle with him, he looks like a little kid :D
Do you mean that backsprite looks younger than frontsprite? They look fine to me.

Anyways, all in all, this hack is just superb !
Great job done with it
Thank you.

Quote originally posted by rosebunny:
I saw this in your signature on Skeetendo. I thought it was just a little mockup. Glad you're making it. I like the idea of another gb hack as you don't see many nowadays
What do you mean with mockup? Thanks anyway.

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