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Micro update no. 1!

I know what you're thinking;
"weeks of no replies, and finally he's back this better be good"
Well, it's not, so deal with it!
Although, more regular micro-updates are to come.

Here we goooooo!

She'd better cause DEATH! Otherwise, I'm going to get a refund.

Time to explore! Wally's house...

Is empty! Except for this box....

Wait... is this a good idea?
I mean, there's not much in this game that's helped me so far...
what if... This box contains something very, very evil?

I don't think I can do it.

No, I'm going to leave.

Aaaw, puck it, let's go!

Tension builds....


Yeah! (Don't say that I look stupid now...)

Hell yeah!

Still does NOT sound right.

wait... The box is still here! Maybe...


Several potions later...

OK, mister Larry! Where have I heard that before?
some sort of arcade game?

meh, nothing interesting.


Out of the obscure little exit that no-one ever takes...

Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Sure, I have loads!

You know, there's a whole crate full of them, you really don't have to give me anything.
I should really stop trying to convince people not to give me stuff.
Bring on the free crap!

Score! wait, what?

Umm, sorry man, but I sort of have to-

Oh come on! I don't want to fight you!
Oh, well, let's see what Zigarette can do.


Double Death!

Cool. 'is all gurd.

Aaaaaaaand to end this micro-update, here is a Slakoth.
Female. Level 5. In need of a good name.