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Quote originally posted by Omn:
So after getting to the part where you are talking to the Professors about the Ai there is no Image for prof elm
EDIT: when i got spinerak his sprite was kinda uncoloured green it may just have been me but i dunno I am just reporting anything weird i see in the game
EDIT2: the sprite for spinerak in battle ends up being one of a pinecone when you get it
#Yeah- the elm box is a placeholder. I still havent got a face pic for him.
You get a bugfixing star- I forgot to change the overworld pic of pineco
Thats 6 stars :O the most out of anyone.

Quote originally posted by ~Wind~:
haha! Great game Darkdoom!
Interesting video.
'Pretty cool graphics thing you did there.'
Keep going!
Thanks :) I like breaking the 4th wall, making it apperant that the characters know they're in a game.

Patch Release v0.401

Size: 600kb
-Fixes the gastly evolution glitch.

Theres no need to upgrade to v0.401 if you're not gonna use a gastly. If you are- I suggest you download.

It's only 600kb, so it quick and simple.
Beta 0.74 is out
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