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Originally Posted by Lockmaster24 View Post
the pineco in the forest doesnt vanish after you beat it

just found that out then... i wont abuse it

in version .401 the Abra didnt evolve for me.

it did in version .4

neither did the Aron

story spoiler
and where the aron is im stuck in a loop the rockets didn't move out of the doorway and i keep battling them and the aron
fixed the pineco issue, so you get a star (*)
but can't seem to replicate the non-evolving pokemon and the rockets looping.
Question- did a "cave in" occur earlier?

Originally Posted by Omn View Post
I am trying to figure out how long it takes for the t1 virus to appear when you battle the first AI cause hasn't shown up after i got him to his pure form
yeah- only forms of eevee can use it. I guess I'll have to make a message pop up informing you to use it inbattle.

Originally Posted by DForte View Post
Just thought I would let you know that I found two more bugs. I promise I am not looking for them, I just like raising my pokemon.
Dude, don't sweat it, you're doing me a favour reporting these bugs. - It's better that someone finds it now, rather than when the game gets a full
Originally Posted by DForte View Post
1. Its another gastly/haunter bug. Struggle is missing. The "0" pp it uses is there, but the name is not. Idk if you meant to keep it out because when I use the attack, it doesnt work. (I really like gastly/haunter/gengar)
Hmm, I can't seem to pinpoint this one. doesn't seem to appear in my saves.
What level is your haunter- and is there no struggle, just the mystery move?
Originally Posted by DForte View Post

2. The second deals with Onix. I try to put him on my team and the game crashes.
This one I can pinpoint, fixed now. Heres a workaround- Don't use the swap option on onix- instead, deposit a pokemon first, then withdraw onix, that appears to work.

Originally Posted by DForte View Post

Those are the only bugs that I have found, but there is a question I would like to ask. I'm glad that you made a second battle to get a second of the original starters, but will be making a third battle to get the 3rd one?
Yeah- the 3rd starter will be avalible at some point- near the end of the game. Probably be a really hard battle.

Thanks for the bug reporting you guys. :)
If you want some extra stars, there might be some bugs in New Game+,
Also, if you find a blank item in your items bag, tell me.

Update [5/12/10]

heres just some interesting stuff i learned while I was playing, feel free to contribute your own.

No more PP? - Limit Break it

-Just happened to me while testing the haunter battle. I ran out of PP. had no ethers either. couldn't run form a boss battle, and struggle was doing pefetic damage. My charazard went into limit status- yay double stats. but I can't even do attacks (well- struggles were starting to do 40 damage now) but then every turn he regained 16Pp. 5% per turn. And- not your turn. after any attack that any pokemon does, you'll recover PP. So if your pokemon runs out of PP, just wait for him to limit and get back in the battle.

Dont like my team.

-Did you just find an awesome pokemon, but he's too low leveled to tag along with your main party? Well- newgame+ might be the thing to do. When you do it, you retain everything, except pokemon levels, and key items (for story events). Yeah- you'll can have a lv1 Blastoise with hydro pump.
All levels reseting mean you can have a fresh start, Instead of taking the same pokemon as before, you can select any of the pokemon you caught before. and they'll all be at the same level!

Progress Update
Just been fixing bugs, and mapping out the next areas (route 11 below)
The next city will be a harbour city- the first one in SPEE. so yay you'll be getting surf soon.

Version 0.753 is out
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