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Quote originally posted by DForte:
my haunter ran out pp and the attack was there, but the word "struggle" wasnt. I'll have to go back in the game and check because I havent had to use struggle in a while. I believe my haunter is somewhere between the levels of 28 - 32.

Also, i thought I read somewhere when you made that patch that there would be a problem with haunter evolving to gengar, but I couldnt find it. I could have just been imagining that you said it.
Quote originally posted by Omn:
Umm i tried adding diglet from my pc to my party but its crashed the game

I figured a way to fix it you would actually end up depositing a pokemon then take him out
(*). Oh bother. It appears this bug effects all pokemon that have 1 evolution. So be aware. :O

Dam macro that I used.
Beta 0.74 is out
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