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Originally Posted by Misheard Whisper View Post
Actually, for some reason, when I paste stuff over from my OpenOffice, it displays in the box as paragraphed neatly and everything. However, when I go ahead and Submit (or Preview) Post, it comes up with two or even three blank lines between every paragraph, which must be removed manually. I think that's what Azurne was talking about - I always go through and fix the paragraph breaks, but writers with less patience (or, perhaps, consideration - grr), it would seem, don't bother with it.
Strangely, I also use OpenOffice but never encounter this problem. O_o Even when I used Word, which is the program I've seen spacing problems crop up more often from other writers, spacing wasn't too much of an issue. Like I said in that earlier post, writers who encountered that problem took care of it normally, and the only time they didn't was a complete accident instead of actually a conscious decision on their part. The guide, on the other hand, deals with intentional spacing -- an attempt to convince writers that, yes, consciously avoiding the norm when it comes to paragraph spacing is a problem, not a stylistic choice.
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