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Hey there, everyone. I'd like to reserve a spot, so here's an SU.

Name: Steve K. Russell

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Steve is short, exactly four feet tall. He is fairly thin, but his upper body is musclular. His skin is dark tan, his hair brown and worn in a mullet, and his eyes are bright blue. His head is large for his body, with a small nose, thin mouth, and large forehead.

Usually, Steve wears a light grey muscle shirt, a size too small so it clings tight. He wears darker grey pants made of a tough material similar to spandex, and black military boots. He has a black coat that reaches his knees, with red diamond around the middle, and appears similar to a Seviper's skin upon close inspection. He wears an olive green bandana around his forehead and sometimes wears a black eyepatch over his left eye.

Your aspirations: Steve's father fought in the war, and would tell stories to Steve and his brother David sometimes. Steve was fascinated by the war, and wanted to raise his own team of Pokemon to protect the land should any threat arise again. He later learned his father fought for Team Rocket, and retired after an injury made him unable to fight. Steve's father left the household, taking David with him. Steve is convinced his father and brother are now members of Team Rocket, and has a personal vendetta to find them and bring them to justice.

Your personality: Steve is a rather dark individual, keen on finding the truth. He rarely jokes or plays around, and asks a lot of questions. He can be very sarcastic or scathing to others, and seems to think others below him. Despite this, he is very quiet, speaking softly and bluntly before moving on to something else. He is quick to act, however, and fiercely pursues his goals.

Your background: Steve was born in an average, middle-class family. He spent his childhood with his parents, Jack and Rose, and his twin brother David, ignorant of the world around him. While Jack was fighting in the war, Steve and David began competing heavily for their mother's attention. They became different in many ways, and never got to be close. David got more attention, being more like Jack.

When Jack returned home, he was missing his left arm and told the family that the fighting had gotten too severe. He took them all to a neutral country where they could be safe: Lavignor. Jack raised David to be like himself, while Rose raised Steve to be a strong and noble man.

One day, David and Steve overheard an argument between their parents, where they learned that Jack had been a Team Rocket member during the war. The next day, Jack and David were gone, and Steve was left alone with his mother. He had wanted to protect his mother, but he decided he could only do this if he returned with his brother and father, who he was certain had joined Team Rocket. Steve tried his best, often resorting to petty crime to help support them. When he was selected to become a Trainer, he left his mother alone, hoping he would turn out better than his brother.

Starter: Treecko

Legendary Spirit: Palkia
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