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SU Sheet:

Name:Zach Pride



Appearance:He wears a blue jacket,red headband,black shoes and gray jeans.
He can sometimes be seen wearing a red shirt,black cap,lue shoes and denim trousers.
His eyes are blue with a bit of black.

His hair is crimson and spiky.Sometimes though,his hair is not spiky but he combs it to the back.Zach can never be found wearing light green or teal as he hates it.

Your aspirations:
Zach wants to be the best all-rounded trainer.
As he likes every type a lot and never focuses on one type.

He also needs to know what caused his star shaped scar on his back.He wants to train every type because
he wants to find out what type and what attack will be good against what and when.
He also dreams of collecting every single pokemon known to man.
Zach,needing to find the cause of his star shaped scar,thinks dialga,palkia,giratina,darkrai or arceus knows something about it,he thinks that because not many pokemon cold have caused this sort of scar.He wants the starly because he thinks the pokemon is incredible.Especially after it gets to it's final evolution staraptor
He would like to battle and make some friends with the local pokemon.also he needs to find out about
another mysterious thing,that is his dad that he never saw since he was born,and suspects him to be the trainer of the pokemon who saved him while he almost fell of a cliff.

Your personality:Zach is a spirited boy who never gives up,even when the situation gets out of hand,for example he once tried to wrestle a machamp.He got hurt but tried again.His spirited personality tends to affect those around him a lot.When he joined his local running team at 10 the team won because Zach's spirit made them continue their racing effort.Zach is reckless,clumsy,rash and hard headed.But despite his personality he always gets out of sticky situations.

Background:Zach was a reckless person in his town.He never listens to warnings like when his father told him "don't even think about trying to fight a mightyena alone!!"
His father said that but Zach fought the mightyena,bare handed and alone.When the fight ended,he fainted in the middle of the forest and came back 2 days later after waking up.Without his knowledge, a little zigzagoon followed him.He decided to keep the zigzagoon as a pet,he named the zigzagoon Ziggaoon.Shortly after that Zach tried to fight the same mightyena again.This time his dad approved of it.He managed to actually beat the mightyena,of course,he brought along Zigaoon to help him a bit.
After that Zach had challenged any pokemon that would seem to want to challenge him.
One day he met a machamp,he tried to wrestle it but ended up getting a lot of injuries because Zach was hit by seismic toss,brick break,dynamic punch and mega punch.
Zach fainted again,but this time he fainted for 3 days.When he got home Zigaoon was waiting for him.His dad respected his bravery and integrity to fight the machamp even after all that damage.But of course,he wounded up with around 4 broken bones his right hand,left leg,1 back bone back and 1 rib bone.
He was hospitalized for 10 weeks before full recovery.He went back to the forest to fight the same machamp.
The machamp,now was only able to hit him with a mach punch.The second mach punch was dodged and then using the punch's speed he threw the machamp 7 meters forward.The machamp then gave up after this effort.
One day a group of team rocket members attacked his hometown.
Zach defended it while using his own power and with the help of Zigaoon,the mightyena he defeated and the machamp he threw.
The rocket members were surprised that a kid like Zach would possibly dare to fight against the 10 rocket members.
Zach fainted after he got hit by a magby's ember.His dad,protected him but he died when he got hit by a hyper beam.The team rockets fled after sometime after the wild pokemons resistance,but Zach will always hate team rocket for killing his father

Starter: (Wildcard) Starly

Legendary: Dialga
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