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Originally Posted by Kura View Post

Yes that's right, people. I don't understand what this country has to offer that merits people to obsess over the culture like crazy! Anime? What's so great about it- really? I love me some American cartoons but I don't go and download EVERY SINGLE OTHER ONE.

Why learn that language in particular, too? What's wrong with French, Spanish, Greek?
: |

I just don't get it. Sure you can like it.. but everyone seems to go OVERBOARD.
I agree... for the most part, but that's because I had an obsession myself.
Now I don't really get it. I took japanese not because of the anime and manga involved (Though nowadays I can't STAND when people mispronounce it and then correct your for correcting them. >:C) but because out of all of the languages open to me (other options were french, spanish and german...) Japanese was the only one that didn't bother me in some way (Which is somewhat odd, looking back, since I am at most 25% mexican.) But french I just wasn't fond of learning, german just sounds odd to me, and spanish I had come to hate because of little kids constantly yelling at me in it. (Japanese became an awesome confusion counter, especially after I figured out what they were saying)
So I do agree that people need to tone it down...

But, anywho, on the question at hand.... obsessions I will NEVER understand no matter how hard I try are as follows...
•superiority complexes - I have an inferiority complex soooooo I'm never gonna get why people obsess over every reason they can find on how and why they're better than you.
•Celebreties - "Top headline - OMG!!! -insert celebrity name here- BLINKED!" I don't really care about some singer going to the dentist and having no cavities. Whoever does is a creeper, in my opinion.
There are probably more but I can't think of any right now...