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I do blame OP a bit on this because OP is not clear on the final step what to do.

On the final step OP says to click "Export Palette". I foolishly assumed that meant to click NOTHING BUT Export Palette.
If OP would be so kind as to edit the OP so it says. "Be sure to click all four options, Explore Image, Auto Abort, Fix Pointers and Export Palette."

When I clicked all four clicks it worked!
Funny how one misleading sentence can break an entire tutorial eh?

Now I need some help again, when I import my tilemap the colors are all messed up!
I don't understand what I am doing wrong. I exported a snapshot of the Kanto World Map from VBA and use those colors in the creation of my tileset and tilemap. Every time I import the tilemap into my ROM with UNLZGBA the colors are all messed up! Please help.
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