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This rp sounds sweet great idea!

SU Sheet:

Dante Simber



Dante doesn't really care for his looks his thin but fit and has unusable white hair that's usually looks fine without him fixing it. He's hair stops at the end of his neck and the start of his shoulders sometimes he lets it grow out long. He's about 5,8 with bright blue eyes and not pale skin but white. Dante usually has a mysterious look
on his face or has a laid-back expression.

Your Aspirations:
Dante wants to become stronger and hates people who hurt the innocent and fight for evil. He loves pokemon and wants to be the best trainer ever and stop team rocket from their evil crimes. Dante studies pokemon and all there is to know like what attacks they learn and how to train each individual one.
Your Personality: Dante is cocky and laid-back. He loves to smart talk his opponents and people in general. Most of the time he's quiet and doesn't talk much to people he doesn't know and likes to keep his feelings to himself. Dante also doesn't like to take orders from people or back down to any challenge no matter how hard it is. He's also a smooth talker and flirts with every girl he meets no matter if she not interested he enjoys being annoying at sometimes. When he's around his friends he's the life of the party, making jokes and being stupid and reckless. Dante lives a very carefree lifestyle.

Your Background:
Dante's parents died in an accident that dealt with team rocket which is why he hates them so much. He lived with his uncle for most of his till he turned 13 and left on his own accord, he wanted to see the world and live on his own. Dante then built his own little house made of wood and straw near a town in sinnoh. He spent most of his time inside his little house reading books on training pokemon. He wants to be the best trainer ever.

Starter: Charmander

Legendary: Girantina

Please tell me if there's anything i need to fix.
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