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I don't want to give out to much, but I have a sort of story I want to see I can exercise.

It all started with Dragons, Iris (Pokemon Anime), and Relatives. From there, I spun out a conflict between two sisters related to Iris fighting each other for a sort of power as Dragon Warriors. I subdivided the action into 4 parts, an introduction, Iris's story, a journey to find hidden objects, and the final conflict.

The names of the sisters I believe would be Veronica and Haemona. Them and Iris descend from an ancient civilization/specie of human called The People of the Dragons. After some legends which I'm still working on, Veronica and Haemona will conflict. Iris will also play an important role here. I think it'd probably be sort of violent.

Anyways, I'm not new to writing, it's just time management that I need to adjust. But I feel like I can probably develop enough from this.
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