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Originally Posted by Ice Queen View Post
I got a question about the Pokemon you can choose from.
Where is Zubat? Grunts use them alot.
Granted, my dear grunt. The great Giovanni shall present Zubat to his future grunts.

Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
Woo, Team Rocket. <3 Joining, hard one. I'll go with Ekans and Carvanha, please.
Welcome!! We now have a dinosaur as well~!

Originally Posted by Inkpuddle View Post
I'd like to join. I wouldn't go as far as saying Team Rocket is the best evil organization from the Pokemon world, but they definitely remind me of a simpler time when it was more about stealing Pokemon and less about "MWUAHAHAHA DESTROY ENTIRE PLANET!" I'll take Poochyena and Meguroko as my party. <3

Also, the trio is actually serious about their job now? Wow, another reason why I need to start watching Best Wishes. <3
Welcome, miss! The boss loves women. You failed to state your partner Pokemon though... ;_;

I would agree with you to some extent. We know that the Rocket Trio are pretty much failed, but the organisation as a whole isn't the same. They are pretty evil - murdering a Marowak, for instance. Nevertheless, the are pretty amusing- even in their sheer annoying form. XD

Yes, she are pretty serious. No more blasting off; they escape with elegance and style~!! You should watch this!