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Here's a preview of Episode 11 for you:

"We did it!" Ash smiled. "Our first Bead of the Elements!"

"I'm sure you had quite an adventure in the catacombs..." Kissa smiled.

"Oh, we did--and I learned why your master is on this quest." Ash replied. He was about to say more when he saw a white ball light and a red ball of light fly down before him. "Huh?"

"Anima?" Dawn gasped as the white light formed into a smaller version of Anima.

"Well done on finding my bead." Anima began. "Before I meet you in Sindura, I thought I would tell you about the Firebird's Prayer, with some help from Deami, my fellow goddess that rules over flames." At this, the red light formed into a smaller version of a girl with orange-yellow flame-like hair clad in a long red coat that concealed a burnt yellow tunic and dull brown pants to match.

"Your minstrel friend likely knows the tale of which I speak." Deami smiled, her warm and gentle voice reverberating through Ash's head. "Long ago, I created the firebird Moltres so that the Mortal Realm would have fire to keep warm. Kione grew jealous of my beautiful firebird, and cursed it so that it would die in a hundred years." Tears welled up in Deami's eyes for a moment when she mentioned the painful memory.

"Naturally, Deami was devastated that one of her favorite creations had been cursed, so to ease her tears, I weakened the curse so that instead of dying forever in a hundred years, a new firebird would arise when the old one died, and retain all the memories of the old one." Anima continued. "The beings of the Mortal Realm began to see Moltres as the sign of rebirth, so Deami taught Moltres healing magic, only to be used when the mortals called on her with a sincere request."

"Your mentor Marista Laire rescued Moltres from a hunter's trap once, and in return, I asked Moltres to teach her the prayer to call on her power, which she then taught you." Deami concluded. "I hope you will remember Marista each time you perform it."

"I will, Lady Deami." Brock replied as the red light faded away.
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