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Originally Posted by pokewalker View Post
But GF don't want us to cheat don't they? So why would they make the Mystery Zone work?
You're replying with the assumption that Game Freak knew it was impossible to ever reach the Mystery Zone in normal play.

We all know it isn't, because it can be easily accessed through the use of either the Surf Glitch (In original Japanese copies of DP) or via Tweaking. And that's why the Mystery Zone has it's own name and other things specified for it - it's impossible to create a piece of software as large as a game and know there won't be bugs the player can inadvertently trigger so it's best to fill in as much failsfe information as possible to minimize what could happen if the player ends up in there.

It's the same reason why we have things like Missingno having a specified name, or the various failsafes built into battling without Pokémon in the later games.
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