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Originally Posted by AncienTLorD86 View Post
nice ditto mate..
CMT for this:

Ditto's with one perfect IV and their natures:
Hp 31 IV
Quirky x3
Modest <===
I'm interested in your Mewtwo. Or perhaps your Togepi, depending on what its ability is.
And what are the IVs of your Zapdos?

Trade you a Surfing and flying In one UT Pikachu for Shiny Duskull

[19371] [Female] [Level 1]
Nature: Jolly

I also have a question is your Scizor EV trained?
Got a list with your Pokémon?
Scizor is EV trained: 252 Attack, 252 Speed and 4 HP

Shiny Gible

[19371] [Male] [Level 1]
Nature: .
Sand Veil

What would you like for that?
You wouldn't happen to have a list?
SS Friend code: 3953 9956 1366

Trade list:
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