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Wow this beginning has started out rough. I used a code to encounter a tauros straight after I got Pokeballs, so I could have one at the beginning of the game. That proved to be a chore in itself. Managed to get his health down to a sliver and it still took ALL FIVE POKEBALLS. I was very lucky to get him on that last one or I would have had to buy more. But I got him, his name is...


We took off and fought every single enemy and trainer we found, since he was underleveled at the time it was dificult. After we made it to Pewter city I didn't want to wait, and neither did Zeus. At level 9 we took on Brock. I severely overestimated how much damage a normal attack does to rock. It took five potions and a LOT of repeated tackles but Oniz went down.

After that we went to Mt. Moon and that was also difficult. That place is crawling with Geodudes and we know how he does against rock-types. We fought every trainer and got every item in there, while gaining some levels and moves and a Paras names Mr. Slave on the way, but we finally made it out. We then arrived in Cerulean City.

Current status:
Zeus -
Level - 20
Pursuit (Dark attack. Will take Misty's Starmi out very fast)
Horn Attack
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