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>Not a whole lot to say about my progress after the last update.
>After I stopped the last update I went to Bill's fighting every trainer on the way.
>I beat Misty by OHKOing both of her Stars and the same for her Trainers.
>Thanks to Misty I now have a move that can actually do some damage to rock types, Water Pulse.
>After that I went through every trainer I could find, made it to the S.S. Anne, again every trainer, and took out Gary.
>Still haven't had to use a second move on anyone.
>Got cut and gave it to Mr. Slave.
>Beat the third gym.
>Went through Rock Tunnel.
>Made it to Lavender town.
>Got "Return" from the girl south of Lavender Town.

Current Status:
Zeus -
Level - 39
Water Pulse
Horn Attack

That's it so far, I'm gonna go make some more progress.
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