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Welcome back Myrrh . Looking at the new updated challenger/victor list I would just like to point out that you have forgotten to put down that I have finished the Ultimate solo with Kabutops, the post should be around page.....Something......Something.....10? Maybe I'll check .

EDIT: Yes it's the first post on page 10, anyway because I feel like it(and I just managed to get a 90% translated version of black :D) and I feel as if the Ultimate hasn't really been finished without doing this, I'm going to playthrough black with Metagross then Kabutops to truly complete the Ultimate solos I finished awhile ago. Anyway for now my biggest problem will be finding out how to get some lvl 5 belums/kabutos into the game....

EDIT(agian): Found a wild pokemon modifier pretty fast so I can now proceed to the mindless part of every Beldum challenge where you spend an hour training it so it doesn't have to use takedown to kill everything.
Completed challenges:

Ultimate solo run with Kabutops

Current challenges:
Ultimate solo run with Nidoking, [K][J][H][S][U]
Black part of solo rune with Kabutops

Evidently I like solo challenges

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