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Quote originally posted by shininglatios217:
Monsters with confusing dialogue? A politician that wants to make a curry store and doesn't knows how to use a phone and thinks water is dangerous? A girl that (apparently) is a guy? This game is starting to get extremely confusing... Maybe if I played the game I would understand it. *downloads ROM*
Maybe...but I wouldn't count on it too much, I can't say I have left out much at all. =p

Quote originally posted by dead-man-walking:
I never felt any suspense playing this because of the bad Engrish. :<

Oh, don't forget to buy items.
Yeah, the Engrish does kill off any suspense in a dialogue-heavy game. =/ Oh well, at least it's amusing?

Yeah, I'll be sure to spend, although items usually aren't too important in this game unless you're intent on trying to get as many as you can or exploiting exp stuff. =D
Quote originally posted by destinedjagold:
damn the engrish! xD
it's too confusing to keep track of who is who and what is what @_@ gets worse. =p In more ways than one! But this game does have a number of characters, that's for sure...
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