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Neiko Star, bobandbill already said what I wanted to know more about your idea, but quick question. Is it going to be moreso like a guide kind of thing, or those books are some kind of plot device? If it's the former, looks like you got a lot of rules to write. XD If it's the latter, seems interesting how those summon books will play out. Sorry if I misunderstood your idea. I'm a bit confused. ;

Also while I'm at it, I have a quick suggestion about your plot idea dilemma. I know you said you're lazy plotting out your ideas, but doing an outline of sorts helps. You don't have to plot out the whole story, just figure out a beginning, middle, and end. Also, if you can, figure out how you can mash your ideas together into a story. I would have a thousand story ideas, but I was able to come up with a way to have them connect to one another usually.
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