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Quote originally posted by Snow Phoenix:
I'll be doing mine on HG. Since I'm unable to trade (due to being on break)... choosing my team had a few obstructions.

S Starmie (Lots of choices... narrowed it down to Starmie for a Bolt/beam)
N Nidoking (Who doesn't love the King?)
O Onix (O's fail. My choices were Oddish, Octillery, or Onix. I would've picked Octillery if it weren't 3% chance of finding Remoraid without swarm)
W Weezing (Not as many choices here. It was either Weezing or Weepinbell. I picked Weezing)
P Pidgeot (There were a few good options here. I picked trusty Pidgeot mostly because I just like this bird)
H Haunter (I picked over Hera because with Hera, 1/2 my team would struggle with psychic and Haunter takes care of psychics. Yeah I know Hera has awesome attack AND Megahorn... IN THE 50s)
For H, I would go with Hypno and teach it Shadow Ball, as Hypno has better stats overall. But it's your choice.
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