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-Leveled Pidgey to 13
-Caught a Bellsprout just before Violet City
-Entered Violet City and traded Bellsprout for Onix
-Trained Onix to level 9
-Entered Bell Tower and caught a Gastly (nicknamed Hero).
-Trained Gastly in Bell Tower. Reached level 14.
-Challenged Falkner.

The biggest issue here was that I forgot about the traded pokemon thing and so a disobeying Onix was a bit of a problem, especially since Pidgeotto has Roost. I got lucky though and my Onix scored two Rock Throws in a row. During the gym, Onix grew to level 13. *makes mental sticky note on remembering the disobeying part

Current Team: Onix Lv 13, Gastly Lv 14, Pidgey Lv 13

Credits to Jordan. Paired to Mira and ohHeyVaporeon.
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