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New Update:


*Caught Nidoran F. Named her 'Hirudora'.
*Hirudora evolves into Nidorina. 8D Woohoo!

*Grinded the whole team up to level 20.
*Raikiri's ThunderPunch OHKO's everything.
*Destroyed my rival.

*Raikiri completely demolished Morty. He didn't even get in a hit.
*Raikiri evolves into an Electabuzz. C:

*I go grinding again, this time to level 30. (catch up with Raikiri)
*Found a completely random Shiny Pidgeotto. 8D

*After getting all of my party to level 30, Suiryudan evolves into Feraligatr. c:

*Surfed to Cianwood and destroyed Chuck with Suiryudan and Raikiri.
*Kyuubi singlehandedly defeated Jasmine. Off to Mahogany Town we go!
*I defeat the Gyarados in the Lake of Rage, and head off into Team Rocket's Hideout.
*Cleared out the Hideout. Going into the Gym.
*Kyuubi, once again, solos.
*Since you can't get the Moon or Fire stone until late in the game, I'm probably gonna have to hack those in. :/


Tsuru (Ivysaur) Lv. 32

Kyuubi (Vulpix) Lv. 35

Suiryudan (Feraligatr) Lv. 32

Raikiri (Electabuzz) Lv. 32

Dosenkiryu (Rhyhorn) Lv. 33

Hirudora (Nidorina) Lv. 32


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