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Quote originally posted by shininglatios217:
It get's... worse? Is that even possible? O.o

At least the Engrish is funny, like you already said.
Yes! =p Anyways, more characters, confusing plots and other stuff contributes to it. =p

Quote originally posted by Team Fail:
That is, if ypu can guess what they are. I wouldn't trust anyone to buy a gun from a countertop. Who knows if it is safe. And what would a kid be doing with that gun anyways?
You wouldn't, but the creatures in the e-monster world do! =D And guns are not quite the 'worst' and such items actually do have a use in a way...but you will see. =p
Quote originally posted by Froslass_Maniac:
Oh i remember playing this as a little kid. ~

lol... I found it rude that I wasn't allowed to save... So yeah, it bored me pretty quickly (I once left the pc on when I paused and I played together with my brother, we got pretty far back then), At that time I couldn't read english. And the only thing that was familliar to me was "curry" Although at that time I only knew it as some sort of... Sauce...? So yeah... I pretty much skipped everything that is said. Looking at this LP makes me laugh since I now understand english. xDD

Ahaha ~ I also called kuribute Sandslash first but then I just said it's name correctly (somehow it reminds me of kirby...)
Yay for another person who experienced this as a child! XD

I seem to be lucky to have had a copy of the game and not have saving issues with it too, I suppose. And at least now you can 'understand' what is being said I suppose?
Quote originally posted by shininglatios217:
Actually, it's worse. What would a kid be doing giving a gun to a monster?
So it can use D shoot, obviously. ;p And anyways, a few updates will cover items (because that's only when the game begins to cover it itself!)
Gym Leader Wattson wants to battle!
The cheerfully electrifying man!
Wahahahaha! Good things come to those who laugh!
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