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Well I went to my Grandma's house over the weekend and managed to play quite a bit on the drive up. I took some notes on what happened so I could have a semi-meaningful update.

We left off chillen by Eterna Forest. Well the forest was easy and I gained quite a bit of levels there. Since Eve was a bit overleveled I went straight for the Eterna gym and smashed her. Two badges down, six to go!

Killed off the grunts, trained against the surrounding trainers. Grabbed a Pokemon egg and took off down Cycling Road. That trip was pretty easy too.

I passed through mount Cornet and reached Hearthome city. No gym battle here yet so I got my Tuxedo and took off towards Veilstone.

On the long way there I made a stop in Solaceon and explored the ruins, as well as the Lost Tower for the HM strenght? I believe that was the one.

Continuing decimating trainers on my route to Veilstone, Eve reached level 40 and evolved into Drapion. Now those stats really started to shine. I reached Veilstone, healed and challenged the gym leader. I had doubts that this fight would go easy and was concerned about the Lucario, but because Eve has awesome defense I made it through pretty quickly. Next I helped Dawn get her Pokedex back and got the HM Fly. Onwards to Pastoria City.

The route was uneventful. In Pastoria I used the move re-learned to teach Eve Ice Fang, I also realized I forgot to get the Earthquake TM, so I'll have to backtrack for that later. The gym was pretty boring too. Eve was was overleveled for it.

Then I chased off a grunt. Saved after I beat him down. Well I suppose I'll head to Hearthome next since I have that SecretPotion now.....

Current Team:
Eve the Drapion
Level 45
Adamant Natured
Item: Quick Claw
Ability: Battle Armor
Attack: 113 Defense 120: Sp. Attack: 62 Sp. Defense: 87 Speed: 108
Movset: Bite, Poison Fang, Acupressure, Ice Fang
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