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Even though I'm not on the list yet, I'm just gonna go ahead and post how far I've gotten today. c:


*Began the game. Named myself Kushina and my rival Minato. (lawl)
*Oak gave me a Pikachu.
*Got Oak's Parcel. Gave it to him. Now going to catch Seel.
*Caught Seel. Nicknamed it 'Arctic'. Looks like I have to work with Headbutt only for a while.
*I begin to grind before moving forward.
*After getting to level 15, I battle Minato again before heading into Viridian Forest.
*Arctic headbutts it's way to victory in the battle against Brock.
*I find TM 12 (Water Gun) in Mt. Moon, and teach it to Arctic.
*At the end of Mt. Moon, Arctic's at level 25.
*I clear the Nugget Bridge, along with my rival.
*At level 29, I head back to face Misty, after obtaining the SS Ticket. Pikachu was fascinated by Bill, who was a Pokemon at the time.
*I teach Arctic Bubblebeam after winning against Misty.
*I go to Vermillion, where I board the S.S. Anne.
*Arctic evolves into a Dewgong on the ship. c:
*Dewgong's back sprite looks disturbing.
*Arctic easily takes out Surge's Raichu. Onwards we go!
*Got Flash from Oak's Aide. To Rock Tunnel!
*By the time I finish Rock Tunnel, Arctic is at level 44.
*I get Ice Beam from the thirsty little girl on the rooftop of the Celadon Department Store. I teach it to Arctic.
*After defeating Erika, Arctic is at level 48.
*After clearing out the Game Corner, Arctic is at level 50.
*After going through the Pokemon Tower, Cycling Road, and defeating Koga, Arctic is at level 59.
*I get Surf and Strength. I teach Surf immediately to Arctic.
*I saved just outside of Fuchsia City. I plan to take the way back up to Lavender Town for some more experience.

Arctic (Dewgong) Lv. 60

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