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Originally Posted by NiKaNoRoU View Post
Okay, as one of the beta testers, and official persona of DrFuji's plaything youngster rival, I am here to tell you guys how COOL this hack is.

--It has great tiles
--It has great palettes
--It has great scripts
--It has my first ever made OW in it
--It has B/W pokemon properly inserted
--It has a great storyline
--It has greatness

I have no further bugs to report, so I hope you continue to amaze us with Lilac. Great job so far :D

Oh, and for you guys not played it yet: there are a lot of hidden items to find, so search well ;)

  • You MAY experience trouble when trying to enter the building where you recieve your starter. The music must be turned on in some cases to advance.
That's what DrFuji said.
and that's what she said! -dadoomduumph!-
hahahahahaha... hoo... that is some funny stuff right there...

ahem! anyways,
this hack looks veryyyy promisiingg! :D i really like the palm trees, and the flattish trees that you used, as well as the ability to capture shiny pokemon. this is the first hack i've evurr seen that has those, unless i've just never been lucky enough to get them. xD
i am really looking forward to playing this once i find the time. :)))
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