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Originally Posted by nikeboy4 View Post
Hey MY FC: 3481 9214 5880
I'll be in wifi room, if you still can trade let me know. Please and thank you.
ok, I'll be able to trade later today
Originally Posted by bruno100 View Post
I want:

UT shiny skorupi lv.24
UT shiny croagunk lv.24
T shiny cherubi lv.10
T shiny dialga lv.47

Go to my shop and choice the pokemons you want
ummm you know they're giveways right "
Originally Posted by Starshine ~ View Post
Hello Ginji x)
I posted in another of your threads in another forum, but I don't think you've been back there, so imagine my surprise when I saw you here xD

Hello! :D
To get down to business, I want to trade events with you xD
I took a few hours and went through my lists and yours, and..

From 7-11 Pikachus, I have
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-19-10} (Very finicky) {HP 45}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Good endurance) {HP 46}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Good perseverance) {HP 45}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Hates to lose) {HP 47}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Likes to fight) {HP 47}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Likes to run) {HP 48}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Loves to eat) {HP 50}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Often dozes off) {HP 49}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Often lost in thought) {HP 45}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Often scatters things) {HP 48}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Proud of its power) {HP 47}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Scatters things often) {HP 49}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Somewhat of a clown) {HP 45}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Somewhat stubborn) {HP 47}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Somewhat vain) {HP 46}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Strongly defiant) {HP 44}
08200 Pikachu; [Japan] (Docile) {8-20-10} (Very finicky) {HP 48}

I have a couple other events that you don't have/didn't list out, but err, yeah xD
=P Are you interested/also, can you trade by file?
lol, I'm interested but I can't file trade T_T
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