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PPG Game I

I'm going to VM every participant from the previous registry to see if they're willing to participate again. You guys keep signing up and we'll see, some of you might end up as replacements.

The evergreen Viridian City.

Scenario: will be conducted in the Game Thread.

Roles: will be conducted in the Game Thread.

Townspeople: 8 (4 are not civilians, but hidden 'heroes') - Rockets: 2

Game phase

Role Presentation

Game Start


Player Table

Participants: 10/10
Spherical Ice [4]
Ben. [5]
King! [2]
Zeffy [10]
Karpman [3]
dragonite149 [7]
649 [6]
BinaryPeaches [8]

Regeneration [9]
Sammyskitty [1]

Replacements: 1

Sora's Nobody
Participant status
Signed Up
Signed Up and pending configuration
Signed Up and configured
Configured and pending role confirmation


Reminder: use the correct format in order for your participation to be valid.

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