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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
...yeah I can't see any smiley abuse infractions. Unless you mean character limit breakage.

@Miss Doronjo: Mhm, that's what I give it out for. Not necessarily ones with a thousand smilies but consistent smiley use over a certain period of time. Not sure about everyone else, though.

But yeah those with only just smilies in their posts would get infracted for spam or character limit breakage, that's... obvious. XD;
No, I don't Like, if someone were to make 10 lines of smileys after a long enough of a post to not have to bypass anything, I could see an infraction. And, on the topic of Emblems, I saw the best emblem today, called, "I gave you a cookie, but..." It's so cute! <3

je suis désolé
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