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These are some of my comments on your sprites...
There is no dimensionallity.
It doesn't make sense (as in it is impossible for objects/anything to have that kind of shading, in reality).
2. lines.
There is no anti-alising. In pixel art,pencil art, painting in photoshop or real life, there is anti-alising. Basically what this does is that it makes edges smoother.
Look at the edge(lines) of a offical pokemon sprites you'll see what I mean.
3. reference.
Ok. So every one knows how a cloud looks like(I am sorry if anyone is offended in anyway). However it will look horible if you just draw it. In order to make more realistic sprites/drawings you have to look at the objects,and study it.

tips: look at the attachment.
read tutorials closely.
I recommend you look at some art tutorials,art books as well ( will help).
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