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Diamond update #2.

Went from Hearthome City to Veilstone City.
Fireheart learned Flamethrower along the way.
I got the badge from Maylene, picked up Strength and Fly.

Three OHKOs with Flamethrower.

Pulled Wings out of the box for Fly, and also caught a Bibarel in Soleceon Town named Derp2.
Am on the way to Pastoria from Hearthome City.

Team Cyrus:

Fireheart the Naughty Growlithe, ♀ - L40
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Bite, Hidden Power (Ground), Fire Fang, Flamethrower

Pain the Mild Psyduck, ♀ - L16
Slave Moves: Flash, Rock Smash, Strength

Derp2 the Sassy Bibarel, ♀ - L18
Slave Moves: Cut

Wings the Careful Starly, ♀ - L4
Slave Moves: Fly
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