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@SA: Lol, thanks for the insight, Sa. XD;

@Nimblethumbs: Well, I use photoshop CS5. And as for tutorials, I thought of making one a long time ago. Forgot about it and don't really think I'll be making one anytime soon. As for the renders: I randomly pick up stuff either from planetrenders or from safebooru. Both are pretty awesome. :]

@moments: Ohmaigawd, thanks a lot for those comments on my icons, Moments! I seriously appreciate all that and will be sure to keep your advise in mind the next time I make any icons. I'll try my best, at least. And as for the eye icon, I couldn't agree more. Hit the nail on the head. Guess I kinda messed up there, haha!

@qaz: Lol, thanks a lot, buddy! :]

And well, I've got something to say this time - I've hit a gfx slump/block, I'm afraid. Also, I probably won't really have any access to photoshop for a couple of days and will be out of the gfx scene. Hence, there won't be any updates anytime soon. That's what things seem like at the moment. Will try my best to be back asap, though. Thanks for reading. :]
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