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For now, let's work on the concepts we already have, instead of giving more and more ideas. I think we should get at least 1/3 of the concepts we have now sprited before we add more ideas. Thanks!

Hello, and welcome to Project: Communitydex! I'm sure many of you are aware that the Pixel Art section is really inactive. Hopefully, this community project will help reboot the activity here. As hinted in the name, the Communitydex is a project in which you, the members of PokéCommunity, come together, and give ideas, and eventually create, various fake Pokémon sprites to make a fake Pokédex, consisting of work by us, for us.

Don't be worried if you don't think your skills are up to scratch, if you have a concept for a Pokémon you would like to bring forward, then please do so! Hopefully then, one of the more skilled pixellers will take up your ideas and work on it.

No ideas are "stupid" (well, within reason, at least), but if some seem impractical or too similar to pre-existing Pokémon, for example, then please feel free to contribute to the ideas given. Others will be allowed to tweak sprites made by members, but please make sure you try to stick to the original design as much as possible.

We aren't going to follow any 'rules,' per se, however if you feel we need to keep the tradition of, for example, a 3-stage bug evolutionary line, then feel free to contribute. However, it would be logical to stick to having starter Pokémon and region legendaries, though I'm not totally sure about the latter idea, anyway.

I suppose this is enough for the introduction, onto the Pokédex so far...

The Pokédex:


Name: Oroundge
Type: Grass
Concept/Sprite: Poster

Name: Pandolfin
Type: Water
Concept/Sprite: Poster

Name: Birdove
Types: Normal/Flying
Concept/Sprite: Poster

Name: Goosdove
Types: Normal/Flying
Concept/Sprite: Poster

Name: Visneak
Type: Poison
Concept/Sprite: Poster/Logiedan

Name: Vistache
Types: Poison/Dark
Concept/Sprite: Poster/Logiedan

Name: Chanpuff
Types: Normal/Water [?]
Pokédex entry: Chanpuff's favourite food is noodles, it will often scour towns for new noodle bars to try.
It has an extremely large fanbase, mostly females, due to it's cuteness.
Abilities: Guts, Cuteness (foe is infatuated for the first turn). Dream world: Super Luck
Description: Cute-faced sphere with arms and legs, which holds a bowl of noodles.
Concept/Sprite: ~Wind~/Spherical Ice

Name: Undecided
Class: Small Wing Pokémon
Type: Grass/Flying
PokéDex: Undecided
Description: Pre-evolution of Kolibloom.
Concept/Sprite: Scarf/Scarf

Name: Kolibloom
Class: Swift Wing Pokemon
Type: Grass/Flying
PokeDex: Kolibloom stores the nectar it eats in specially designed
pouches. In emergencies, it can spray the sticky nectar on its enemies.
Description: A colorful, flowery hummingbird (evolution of ???).
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/Scarf

Name: Grubino
Class: Burrowing Pokemon
Type: Bug
PokeDex: It spends most of its life inside of fallen logs, eating decomposing
wood. Its only natural defense is the ability to regurgitate digestive enzymes.
Description: A cute, chubby 'lil grub.
Concept/Sprite: Chesu

Name: Waspain
Class: Wasp Pokemon
Type: Bug/Flying(male), Bug/Poison(female)
PokeDex: Waspain burrow into tall trees to build their nest, and will use
their bladed abdomens to attack creatures of any size that approach it.
Description: A large Black Wasp. (evolution of Pupant)
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/tnguye3

Name: Kilnary
Class: Burning Pokemon
Type: Flying/Fire
PokeDex: Kilnary's fiery wings have been measured at temperatures of up to 3,000°F.
It wraps them around the nuts and seedpods it eats to roast and crack them open.
Description: A small fiery bird.
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/tnguye3

Name: Furnary
Class: Burning Pokemon
Type: Flying/Fire
PokeDex: Furnary live in barren, rocky regions and never migrate, as in the past
this has lead to the ignition of swamp gasses and the burning of dry plains.
Description: A large fiery bird. (evolution of Kilnary)
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/Poke_a_Dialga!

Name: Wimpike
Class: River Fish Pokemon
Type: Water
PokeDex: Wimpike wildly thrashes its long body to get away from other creatures in the
water. This has the unfortunate side effect of drawing the attention of everything in the area.
Description: A droopy, pathetic-looking pike.
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/Nimblethumbs

Name: Minkin
Class: Squash Pokemon
Type: Grass
PokeDex: It uses its powerful sense of smell to survey the environment,
keeping alert to danger and allowing it to locate the flowers it collects.
Description: A bipedal rodent with a small pumpkin on the end of its tail.
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/Chesu & Spherical Ice

Name: Gourdine
Class: Squash Pokemon
Type: Grass
PokeDex: Gourdine's lithe body enables it squeeze through surprisingly small spaces while
chasing prey. It defends itself by swinging the pumpkin on the end of its tail like a hammer.
Description: A mink or stoat with a large pumpkin on the end of its tail. (evolution of Minkin)
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/Chesu & Spherical Ice

Name: Oceltot
Class: Spout Tail Pokemon
Type: Water
PokeDex: Oceltot uses its hose-like tails to move large
volumes of water, creating isolated pools for it to sleep in.
Description: An ocelot cub with two hose-like tails.
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/Chesu & Spherical Ice

Name: Dripocel
Class: Water Spout Pokemon
Type: Water/Steel
PokeDex: Dripocel amuses itself by knocking birds and insects out of the air with bursts
of water. This is especially effective against Kilnary, resulting in the two frequently fighting.
Description: An ocelot with tubes protruding from its back and hose-like tails.
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/Scarf

Name: Wobigon
Class: Unstable Pokemon
Type: Normal/Dragon(?)
PokeDex: Wobigon's head is so large that it is often seen stumbling and hopping,
trying to catch its balance. It is known to unintentionally headbutt other Pokemon.
Description: A newly-hatched bipedal dragon with such a large head that it can't quite catch its balance.
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/Chesu & Spherical Ice

Name: Stampedon
Class: Fleetfoot Pokemon
Type: Normal/Dragon(?)
PokeDex: Stampedon live in large herds, sometimes reaching hundreds of
individuals. They run at high speeds to avoid natural predators such as Cheecub.
Description: A bipedal dinosaur with a long neck. (evolution of Wobigon... maybe?)
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/Chesu & Scarf

Name: Yetolt
Etymology: Yeti + Volt
Types: Electric/Water
Description: A yellow, electric type yeti crab with blue electricity coming off of it's furry arms.
Concept/Sprite: Spherical Ice/dinosaurodon & Spherical Ice

Name: Snakeason
Abilities: Intimidate/ Arena Trap
Pokédex Entry:Snakeason changes types when the seasons change. It is a hostile Pokemon, and it lives in rainforests.

Spring form: It would be mostly green, with a pink bud on its tail. It would have pink spots on its body. This form would be Grass Type.
Summer form: It would be mostly yellow, with a red sunflower-like flowerhead on its tail. It would have red spots on its body. This form would be Fire Type.
Autumn form: It would be mostly brown, with a brown autumn leaf on its tail. It would have dull yellow spots on its body. This form would be Ground Type.
For Winter form sprite, see top, left.
Winter form: It would be mostly white, with a snowball on its tail. It would have black spots on its body. This form would be Ice Type.
Concept/Sprite: dragonite149/Chesu

Name: Bambear
Type: Fighting
Pokedex: Bambear is constantly training itself in the wild to become stronger, it is also a popular pokemon, because of its appearance.
Abilities: Guts
Description: A cute, small panda with a belt on.
Concept/Sprite: Karpman/tnguye3

Name: Undecided
Type: Grass
Description: [Basic Stage] Green dinosaur with native-american headdress (such as this).
Concept/Sprite: dinosaurodon/dinosaurodon & Scarf

Name: Flamincula
Type: Ghost/Flying
Description: A grey flamingo, with stereotypical features of vampires (cloaks, fangs, etc.).
Concept/Sprite: Spherical Ice/Scarf

Name: Swampike
Type/s: Water
Pokédex Entry: It is a large pokemon, as big as gyarados. It has a short temper. Scientists are unsure how wimpike evolves into this monster.
Ability/ies: Torrent/intimidate

Description: [Wimpike's evolution]
Concept/Sprite: Nimblethumbs/tnguye3

Name: Blaydyte
Class: Bladetail Pokémon
Ability/ies: Guts
Type: Steel
Description: It is a small yellow creature with no distinguishable head. It's skin is so tough only a diamond cutter can penetrate it. Blaydyte has a blue line running all the way down it's back, forming into an arrow between it's eyes (If you ever watched Avatar: The last airbender when you were little, it looks like aang's arrow). It has a blue marking on each of it's four stout, stubby little legs. It has a jagged razor blade as a tail, but one side of it is stuck to it's rear/back part of it's body, leaving just the blade sticking out, giving Blaydyte the inability to swish it's tail. Blaydyte has a small blunt horn on it's forehead, used for shaving off treebark, it's staple diet. Blaydyte then sits on the treebark to cut it into bite-sized pieces. All of Blaydyte's attacks are attack based, and are carried out with its bladetail, so it looks really wierd, as the opponent sees the rear end of the pokemon flying at them. It's horn is unsuitable for combat. One thing is sure: You don't want this pokemon sitting on you.
Concept/Sprite: Nimblethumbs/tnguye3

Name: Cheecub
Etymology:Cheetah + Cub
Type: Electric
Description: Cheetah cub that is yellow and has black spots all around its body, has one stripe running across it's side that looks like lightning.
Ability/ies: Volt Absorb
Concept/Sprite: dinosaurodon

Name: Bombacid
Etymology: Bombadier [Beetle] + Acid
Species: Bombadier Beetle
Class: Acid Beetle Pokémon
Type: Poison
Concept/Sprite: blackmoonflower

Etymology: Bunny+paw
Species: Rabbit
Class: The Big Paw Pokémon
Type/s: Fighting
Pokédex Entry: This Pokémon's large paws act as boxing gloves. It loves to play-fight with other Pokémon to prove its strength.
Ability/ies: Guts/Limber
Description: 1st stage fighting rabbit
Concept/Sprite: blackmoonflower

Name: Jackapaw
Etymology: Jackalope+paw
Species: Jackalope
Class: The Punching Pokémon
Type/s: Fighting
Pokédex Entry: Jackapaw spends most of its time practicing punches. Fallen trees and broken boulders are common signs of its training.
Ability/ies: Guts/Limber
Concept/Sprite: blackmoonflower

Name: Undecided
Type: Water
Description: See Left.
Concept/Sprite: Ragnia/Poketto-Monsuta, tnguye3 & trinity_pt

Name: Undecided
Types: Water/Steel
Description: See Right.
Concept/Sprite: tnguye3/tnguye3, Poketto-Monsuta & trinity_pt

Name: Rootle
Class: Root Pokemon
Type: Grass
PokeDex: Rootle shuffle through the loose top soil in search of clean water.
They are often mistaken for bamboo shoots, giving Bambear that try to pick them a scare.

Description: A small carrot.
Concept/Sprite: Chesu & tnguye3/tnguye3

Name: Carotoss
Class: Root Pokemon
Type: Grass
PokeDex: Carotoss anchors itself in place with its three spurs, giving it the leverage to lift much heavier
objects than it could otherwise. It has been known to lift and throw things over four times its own weight.

Description: A bulbous, menacing carrot with tentacle-like vines. (evolution of Rootle)
Concept/Sprite: Chesu & tnguye3/tnguye3 & Scarf

Name: Traproot
Class: Poison Leaf Pokemon
Type: Grass/Poison
PokeDex: It enchants unsuspecting creatures with a sickly sweet fragrance. It is
said that if you see the eye spots on Traproot's serpentine vines, it's already too late.

Description: A carrot with a large amount of dangerous-looking greenery. (evolution of Carotoss)
Concept/Sprite: Chesu & tnguye3/tnguye3

Name: Undecided
Type: Water
Concept/Sprite: Logiedan

Name: Undecided
Type: Water/Flying [?]
Concept/Sprite: Logiedan

Name: Potripus [right]
Class: Octopus Pokemon
Type: Water
PokeDex: Potripus secrete an adhesive substance to anchor themselves inside
of pottery, allowing them to both ambush prey and hide from predators.

Description: A small octopus hiding in a takotsubo (Japanese octopus-catching pot) with a
few arms protruding from the pot's mouth, and an eye looking out through a cracked hole.
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/metalflygon08

Name: Kroctopus [left]
Class: Battering Pokemon
Type: Water/Fighting
PokeDex: Known for getting caught in fishermens' nets, Kroctopus
easily become enraged and will attack the first living thing they see.

Description: A large octopus with small pots on the ends of its arms, which
serve as fists or boxing gloves. (evolution of Potripus. Feel free to deviate from
the concept image as much as you want; I was just illustrating the pot-on-arms thing.)
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/metalflygon08

Description: A kind of suit of armour, made of Ice, in a humanoid shape, carrying a sword.
The armor looks a tiny bit like the top plates on daikenki's armour.
Concept/Sprite: ~Wind~/The 100 Mega Shock

Name: Chicari
Etymology: Chick and Air corruption
Type/s: Normal/Flying
Pokedex entry: Despite its tiny look,it can rule storms, gusts and cyclones. It possesses high ablities in tracking the opponent.
Ablility/ies: Speed Boost
Description: A chick made of blue clouds. It has large,green eyes,a small beak,and stubby legs. It has a cute, innocent expression. It also has blue angel wings.
Concept/Sprite: xoax/blackmoonflower

Name: Snapgon
Etymology: Snapdragon and dragon.
Description: Literal pun on spandragons.
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/metalflygon08

Name: Shreso
Etymology: Shrimp and Peso.
Type/s: Water
Pokedex entry: Preso shoot high powered bubbles with excellent accuracy, usually found living in coral communities. It chooses not to live with others of it's species, and instead protects it's home from Pokemon that would do it harm. Whith 2 claws capable of shooting bubbles, the right claw is more powerful, but less accurate, the left claw has a sight, but trades power for accuracy.
Ablility/ies: Technician/Sniper
Concept/Sprite: metalflygon08

Name: Shriperado
Etymology: Shrimp and Desperado.
Type/s: Water/Fire
Pokedex entry: These ruthless pokemon shoot super-heated bubbles at weak or wounded pokemon for their own amusement, usually never with their own kind, they will occasionally team up with Gouybe's to attack coral communities. It adjusts the power of it's shots by widening it's pinsers before firering. It can also hold it's shot in to cause a massive explosion. The only pokemon brave enough to face this pokemon is Shreso.
Ablility/ies: Flash Fire/Sniper
Concept/Sprite: metalflygon08

Name: Chompaw
Class: Strong Jaw Pokemon
Type: Water
PokeDex: Chompaws' hard beaks and powerful jaw muscles allow them to bite through the toughest of rocks
and corals. Chompaw have been known to cause hull breaches in ships after giving the steel a curious nibble.
Description: A cheeky, colorful parrotfish.
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/Scarf

Name: Lichi
Class: Symbiosis Pokemon
Type: Rock/Grass
PokeDex: Lichi's body is composed of mineral, fungal and photosynthetic material.
Biologists are currently studying it to determine whether or not it's a single organism.
Description: A rock Pokemon with a bit of lichen on it. Both the rock and lichen portions have faces.
Concept/Sprite: Chesu/Cyberglass

Some basic ideas for Pokémon:
Chicken (leghorn, silkie)
Saber-toothed cat
Box Elder Seed
- Courtesy of Chesu

Want to propose an idea with a sprite? Just post!
If possible, please include the following information:
[b]Name:[/b] [Self-explanatory]
[B]Etymology:[/B] [Where the name comes from]
[B]Species:[/B] [What the Pokémon is based on]
[B]Class:[/B] [i.e The Rodent Pokémon]
[b]Type/s:[/b] [Self-explanatory. Remember, two is the maximum]
[b]Pokédex Entry:[/b] [About two sentences about the Pokémon]
[b]Ability/ies:[/b] [Self-explanatory. Maximum of two abilities]
[B]Description:[/B] [If the Pokémon doesn't yet have a sprite, include a detailed description of it's appearance.]


Feel free to add one of the above codes (or both!) in your signature to get more people involved in our project!

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