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Bleach is one of my favorite anime, so may I join? (Keiri)
I'd like to be the Lieutenant of Squad 9

As for my Zanpakuto

Zanpakuto Name;Raihoshi
Type; Lightning
Zanpakuto Spirit; I don't have an image because I'm not good at drawing at all, so I'll descrebe it. Raihoshi's spirit is a red-eyed girl with long black hair tied with a red ribbon. She wears a short black kimono, 3 quarters pants and chinese-like shoes.
Release Command; Sparkle
Shikai Details; In shikai form, Raihoshi turns into a scythe
Bankai Name; optional Zapping Blade Raihoshi
Bankai Details; optional It's also a scythe, but the blade has a different form.