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Originally Posted by linkandzelda View Post
I'm not sure if this is anything not note but, I was able to add 1 extra map name and get it to display and work in-game. This was by changing 1 or 2 limiter bytes and repointing the 3 tables. That was just to get it to display, hadn't even thought of the World Map yet...
Yeah, that's what I did, but I clearly missed something important in the world map loading routine because it just crashes upon an attempt to access it. Music continues to play, but it doesn't actually load the world map. I think it gets stuck in an infinite loop, so I probably made a mistake. It's hard to repoint a table when it's not immediately obvious when it ends (like the world map position bytes, as the table ends in a bunch of 0's which may or may not actually be connected to it).
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