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Incoming opinionz!

Originally Posted by dragonite149 View Post
Thoughts on a RP I am making?
Notes: Dragonite is considered Legendary.
Manaphy is part of the lake trio. It represents freedom.
The Lake Trio also control the seasons. Mesprit is Spring, Azelf is Summer, Uxie is Autunm and Manaphy Winter.
Articuno, Mew and Moltres are female, and Mewtwo, Zapdos and Dragonite are male.
Starters are the same types as the Eeveelutions (Normal, Fire, Water, Electric, Psychic, Dark)
The roleplay is set in Kanto, and the characters will get to Sinnoh to recruit the Lake Trio.
Johto pokemon are available too, as well as Hoenn and Sinnoh pokemon that evolve into Kanto and Johto pokemon.
Leafeon and Glaceon don't get any roles.
Shy away from the Manaphy thing as it goes against canon. In general, you wouldn't list stuff like this. Weave it into the narrative.

About 300 years ago, the Kanto Legendaries secretly lived in peace, away from humans. They were practically unknown, only heard of in myths and fairytales. Mewtwo lived in Cerulean Cave, Moltres in Mt Silver, Zapdos in the abandoned Power Plant, Articuno in the Seafoam Islands (which were not known of at that time), Dragonite in a secret part of Victory Road, and Mew on a secret island. One day, two sailors found Mew's Island, beginning something bigger than anyone thought.
300 years ago the Power Plant wouldn't have existed. Maybe make it atop Rock Tunnel or have the area it was be naturally filled with electromagnetic fields or what have you.

Those sailors had been travelling on the seas, when a strom whipped up. They were tossed upon stormy seas, all the way to Mew's Island. There, Mew found them. Mew offered to Teleport them home, if they never told anyone about her or her island. The sailors agreed, and they were Teleported home. There, they broke their promise by telling everyone about Mew and her island. All of the powerful trainers travelled to Mew's island, to try and convince Mew to come on their side. Mew disagreed, and so there was a fight. However, Mew managed to escape and tell the other Legendaries that her island was being invaded. Some trainers, on rapid Water and Flying Types, followed Mew and found out the locations of the other legendaries. Then, they reported them to the other trainers. Over the next month, the trainers prepared to fight the other legendaries to get them on their side.

The battles all happened simutaneously, and much blood was shed. The legendaries managed to escape dying, though. The battle came to a conclusion when Arceus saw it. He transformed the legendaries into charms, to prevent them from getting hurt. He also made the Eeveelutions to guard the charms in what was the legendary's home. Eevee for Dragonite, Vaporeon for Articuno, Jolteon for Zapdos, Flareon for Moltres, Espeon for Mew and Umbreon for Mewtwo. He told the Eeveelutions to guard the charms, and to pass them down to new generations so they can protect them. Arceus also cast a spell on the charms. They could only be transformed back into the legendaries when Arceus, the Season Foursome, and six trustworthy trainers were there. Many years passed, bringing us to the present day, were people can live on Mew's island.
Reread over this for a few mistakes and redundancies, but overall pretty good (if slightly cliche but now I'm just complaining).

You are a young trainer-to-be, and you live near one of the legendary charms. You have seen an Eeveelution prowling around the area the charm is in, guarding it and the charm. Also, you have recieved a letter from the 'Legendary Materialization Organization' or LMO for short. They want you to help find the legendary charms and turn them back into the legendaries. They will also give you a choice of special starters, to help you find the tokens easier. You decide to join them, but can they be trusted...?
Maybe section this part off into Your Role or something similar.

As for the poll...
Fantasy: duh, yes.
Horror: I have yet to read a piece of literature that has legitamitely scared me apart from the Dementors from Harry Potter and even then it only had that effect because of how startlingly out of place it was. I'd imagine it would work even less in an RP. Unless it's Call of the Cthulhu.
Mystery: :3
S-o-L: Depends heavily on what the plan is.
Romance: Sub-genre! But I really do like romance in these message board roleplays - makes great characters and conflicts and stories and...
Thriller: See also: Mystery.
Sci-Fi: Not so much hard sci-fi, but uncomplicated soft sci-fi is fun.
Tragedy: Again, sub-genre.
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