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Quote originally posted by Professor Cactus:
I just assumed everyone knew how to do the glitch.
They do, but that doesn't work in Yellow, which he was talking about.

Quote originally posted by U_Flame:
I encountered a wild Milotic in Sapphire on the route after Fortree City.
This is supposed to be for Metal and Colour only, but I can say that I'm pretty sure somebody mentioned something similar not too long ago... Either you were both mixing up memories like you said, or it is a common problem with old cartridges, or some new glitch no-one knew about (unlikely).

Quote originally posted by Haberdasher:
There actually are non-Cinnabar places to do the Missingno glitch. The coast of the Seafoam Islands works equally well, despite the fact that you have to Surf to get there. I discovered that by accident the other day. (IIRC, it's because the game thinks you're on tall grass...)
I don't see how that would work. I thought it had to do with the name being stored in the area that hosts the wild Pokemon on coast tiles, and it only stayed as the name because there are no Pokemon on coast tiles in Cinnabar. So, that would mean that there are no Pokemon on coast tiles in Seafoam and the routes between them either.
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