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Well, I saw your sprites at the Communitydex, so I headed over to your gallery, and I'm like, whoa this guy is great. I started spriting just a few months ago, and my sprites are kinda baddish. My best sprite so far is my wimpike sprite for the Communitydex .

Alright, I love your color choice. I'll focus on my fav for this one:

This looks awesome. So striking. The reason is because of your claws- The way they're angled, and the way you distribute the blackish colors. And the red and tan are perfect highlights. But onto the critique, your right leg (Or left leg for the sprite o.0) is bent at an akward angle. It looks like he's lifting his leg up a fraction of an inch, though why I don't know. If I were spriting, I would put his left/right leg at the same angle and direction as the other foot-- flat. Then I would bend his back a bit. The reason I say this is because of the way his claws are angled. The flow would look great that way. Now, the flow is jabby in places. The spikes on his head should go backwards, just like the red ear/feather thing. For the flow. Also, the other ear/feather should be angled backwards as well for flow reasons. And the stomach should be pushed out front. For flow, again.But still, this sprite is my fav.

Also, some of your sprites are a bit on the large side. For example:

These are all basic stages, and Draezor is a Baby Dragon Pokemon. Look at this, a bit large? I think so. Same with Harepyro, he's around the same size of Draezor. Also, Harepyro is having flow problems .

In other words, your sprites are awesome. I find the only flaw in your work the flow, but again, this is IMO.

Good job man.
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