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Originally Posted by aquakip View Post
I just started playing the game and I gotta say. I'm impressed. ^_^

The plot is very interesting so far. It has excellent pacing and very nice mapping, given the 2nd generation graphics. But I think that it works well in this case and that the game wouldn't have the correct feel to it if it had updated graphics. I always did love te 2nd generation, so I'm happy that you're bringing back such nostalgia by using them.

However, there are many spelling errors and they keep bugging me every time I see them. I'd consider going back through and checking that out. I don't mean slang, or how the characters speek, I actually mean spelling errors and completely impropper grammar. It would help win me over more.

I'm really excited to see where it goes, for I'm only 20 minutes into the game.

Thanks :)
Yeah...spelling isn't my strong suit. It is on my todo list. If you have any direct examples, ill fix them stright away and add you to the spell checkers list.

Originally Posted by DForte View Post
I guess I should've made myself more clear; when I said I like the levla stone, I liked the concept of it: Evolve when you're ready (given the requirements are met).

I hate that in all the other games that you have to hold the everstone to keep a pokemon from evolving or constantly pressing the cancel button every time its level increases.

Now that I look at your system, I guess I was a little confused and I still am. When you say it only checks once, does this mean it won't try to evolve every time the level increases? Also, if this is true, does this mean you can evolve whenever you're ready once the requirements are met?
Oh, I see what you mean.

Well, in the old system, the game had to check whether any pokemon had the levla stone in real time, which could cause some lag. This new system only checks after each battle.

Also, as a way to speed the game, you can disable certain functions, evoltuion being one of them. so you can disable automatic evolution.
if thats done, there'll probably be a man at the pokecenter that checks for evolvable pokemon if you talk to him..


Ok Happy New Year!

going to the beach for 2 days.
Ill leave you with this.

It's the expansion of the day-night item.
works as a timetraveling device later ingame.

gotta go now.
Version 0.753 is out
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