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Originally Posted by Nimblethumbs View Post
...But onto the critique, your right leg (Or left leg for the sprite o.0) is bent at an akward angle. It looks like he's lifting his leg up a fraction of an inch, though why I don't know. If I were spriting, I would put his left/right leg at the same angle and direction as the other foot-- flat. Then I would bend his back a bit. The reason I say this is because of the way his claws are angled. The flow would look great that way. Now, the flow is jabby in places...Also, the other ear/feather should be angled backwards as well for flow reasons...For flow, again.

Also, some of your sprites are a bit on the large side. For example:

...I find the only flaw in your work the flow...
Not sure if I understand correctly but I assume you're referring to anatomical errors? "
In any case I'm working on that, as well as the line art (not yet). Thanks for pointing that out.

As for the sprite sizes yes, I'm working on that, trying to scale down the basic stage pokemon sprite sizes cause well, yeah, they're really big lol. I'm just in a habit of making mid-big sprites. xD

Originally Posted by Rayce View Post
I personally think that harepyro needs a pre-evolved form to match the other bunny. Or possibly even better might be to take bunnice out of the picture because it's very simple and rabbifrost just doesn't look like a stage 2 pokemon to me

I really love your art though
Thanks for your opinion but I will NEVER take Bunnice out! xD
It's my fave design and it's kinda like my companion (Ya know, Ash has Pikachu, I have Bunnice). :3

Also, update: