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Originally Posted by xoax View Post
Some weird-ish ideas...:
Name: Roashare
Type/s: Grass/Dark
Pokédex Entry: It appears at night at farms and plains. When it
becomes bored,it hacks into houses and scares children.
Ability/ies: Rough Skin
Description: A bulb with roots instead of legs. Its head looks like a large rose,and its eyes are located on it. It has big,black eyes on the middle of the "rose". There are spikes growing out its head and has leaf-like arms.
Name: Calast
Type/s: Water/Grass
Pokédex Entry: It lives in swamps cheerfully in huge groups,
however,when danger incomes,they smack the attacker with their head plants.
Ability/ies: Chlorophyll or Rain Dish
Description:: A ball with stubby arms and legs, Has small mouth and big eyes,a cattail plant is located on its head.
Name: Swataca
Type/s: Water/Grass
Pokédex Entry: It lives peacefully in lakes,often sunbathing.
It senses danger with its plant antenna.When scared,it attacks the foe painfully and runs away.
Ability/ies: Chlorophyll or Rain Dish
Description:: A bigger version of Calast,however it has much longer feet and it has four cattail antenna instead of one.
I think it'll be nice if you added the name origin like ikeCharmander's name is like Char(to burn) + Salamander also add the species so it could help the spriters with the concepts and designs.
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