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Originally Posted by sab View Post
Map Title: Rural pass
Description: many events happen here, which is why the cave is blocked off at first, there is that one rock off to the side, and there are so many little loops. The flowers at the top of the map lead into a forest.
Credits: JH, ozmas corp, kyledove, Jiggly, lu-ho, and me

Rating: 9/10

Reason: I like the layout. This layout is fitting for a rough path - not-wide paths, lots of grass, and well-placed really tall grass. Not to mention that the scenery is so... beautiful. And it also causes the player to go around the winding paths, to the destinations. The whole thing is also natural-looking. no sign of unnaturally straight lines. No noticeable tiling issues most of the time. The one point I docked off is for the weird rocks on top of the small lake/pond. It... clashes with the water. And for the weird tile in front of the topleft-most cave entrance and right in the top part of the bridge.

Suggestions: Fix the weird tile with the correct tile (mountaineous). Get rid of the floating rocks on the water. I think it might look better if you get rid of weird tiles that make it not look seamless.

Final Comments: The map is almost finished! It's nice, and fully playable. Now, addd a few improvements from my suggestions, and... well... it might be even better!
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