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Quote originally posted by tnguye3:
You could try add chopsticks for Chanpuff, maybe that would emphasize the noodle Pokemon. xD
In any case imo the sprite's already good as it is.

Anyways, here's Swampike:

Name: Swampike
Type/s: Water
Pokédex Entry: It is a large pokemon, as big as gyarados. It has a short temper. Scientists are unsure how wimpike evolves into this monster.
Ability/ies: Torrent/intimidate
Description: [Wimpike's evolution]
The design's pretty neat, but why do I get a lot of Raichu vibes from it ;(

Quote originally posted by blackmoonflower:
Changed it up a little as suggested.

Good palette and design, but you could use some darker hues. Also, maybe a better eye, as in pokemon, even bug eyes are not like this. Good job, though.
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