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Jumping on the bandwagon to give you guys ideas. :3 I can't sprite for a living, though. ):
I see pistol shrimp and narwhal. This is gonna be epic.

GAUSSRIMP ("Gauss"+"Shrimp")
Guts/Sniper/Sheer Force

Dex Entry
It stores up energy on its bent arms. When releasing a strike with its arms, it releases shockwaves that could stun a larger Pokemon. Their small size makes them easily underestimated, though.

Written Description
A gray-ish blue lobster with blue-colored arms and pincers. Its arms are bent back, forming a makeshift held-back club. Its legs are also blue.

NARLBARD ("Narwhal"+"Halberd". I know it sucked big time)
*No idea for abilities*

Dex Entry
It is usually docile. But the males become wilder and more competitive in mating seasons. Many fishing ships have been destroyed by NARLBARD during mating seasons. This is due to their bad eyesight.

Written Description

Armored whale with a... halberd-thingy... on its lower maw. The non-covered parts are blue, and the armor pieces are light gray.

Hope that helps. :)